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New Pedal and the stone

I finally decided to buy a new pedal since the day I got here. I was too scary that nothing might fit on me when I move here. I know I am not as open minded as I thought I am. And I kid you not, I was kinda paranoid too during my first year.

One day, my Sister in law with her daughter invites me to go out with them. I was gladly say YES and immediately get ourselves ready. Went to ate lunch together and afterwards when to the Mall. To stroll, window shop and of course if we find something nice, clearance or sale which is worth for it. We end up buying them too.

Took me forever to find this pedal, yes I am 100% picky when it comes to my things. If I don't find it very interesting no matter how nice it is for you I will never buy it. But whenever it caught my attention and my instincts tells me to buy it no matter who cost would it cost I end up buying them. 

While shopping, we passed by to this jewelry shop. I do admit that I love jewelry too. Again, I'm pretty much still picky when it comes to my things. I have seen this amazing lab grown diamonds. I asked the saleslady of what kind of diamonds they are. She mentioned that it is an eco-friendly, conflict free, socially responsible diamonds source. They grow diamonds in lab. Instead of waiting for years and years to grow a diamond. They can grow diamond now for just one week. And since diamonds are way too expensive you can now buy an alternative to extremely expensive color natural diamonds which is the one they have. I am super excited because like me that I am not rich I could afford to buy myself a gift. Or maybe I can share this to my husband so he would know what would be the next gift he can give me.

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