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Red Tulips plus nice chairs

I was really excited to see the flowers that first bloom in our front yard. This red tulips were the first flower aside from the lavander one that was placed in our backyard. When I got the chance to go outside without taking C. I took my camera and snapped a remembrance before this will die.

This kind of flowers won't last long, but they grew back every Spring. I want to share this with you because it is really nice to see flowers even though through online.

This would even be more nice if I have a new Dining Chairs outside the house. It looks relaxing and comfortable just to sit outside the house in your backyard eating while enjoying the weather. Listen to the birds and spend time with your family. And I want to check it first before buying one so, thank goodness of the online stores. I don't need to go outside the house while looking for a great deal.


  1. wow what a beautiful flower, i love tulip flowers, too. i will do my pledge (secret) here.

  2. @imelda: okay great..same as i did to yours too.. i'll try to put up more ads nlng pud sa akong page...


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