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I missed it

I have experienced in my whole life having dogs in the house. We have at least 2 to 3 dogs in the house. They are very much helpful because they would help us know if someone is outside the house while all of us were inside the house watching television. Or at night time, they are there to guard you, let us know whether there are thieves who are trying to intrude our house.

I could still remember that giving a dog food is our chores. Since I have a large family, the chores has to run within the whole siblings. We love it and we enjoyed feeding the dogs. They are so satisfied every after meal they have. This is one way to help dogs by feeding them the right food.

Since they give us a good things in return, we have to make sure that we will give them the best dog food. Years has passed and one dog from the other has already passed in our lives. But we never forget the different characteristics they have and how helpful they are to us. 

Now, I do miss them and I could still remember all the names we had for our dogs. I can't get one here for now because I have more responsibility than them my son.

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