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She is looking

I am talking about my Sister in law. She came over here today to hang out with me and my son. After running into her errands for the whole day. Since this is her day off she has to make sure that everything is accomplish. She shared to me where and what did she do. Now, she's been looking for a car on her own. She mentioned before that a second hand car would be good for her, as long as it is pretty much in good condition and working well. 

She's been looking for a car since last year. Now that she can afford to get one she's looking so hard to make sure that she'll get a decent one too. She went to the bank and check her credit to see if she's able in getting Car Title Loans. It was a good start up for her because she was told that she needs to build more with her credit in order to avail for a car loan. 

I also wish that she'll be able to get a Car Title Loan that way she will have her own car and she'll end up her car hunting. She even mentioned about the Pink Slip Loans which I really didn't get about all the information. As it seems that it is pretty much positive that soon enough she will get her car soon. And I do hope too.


  1. ok ra pud ko nov,busy sa mga kids..pila na ka months imo baby..nakaliwat na gajud ka hehehe...cge ingat...

  2. KAw te, kelan ka kuha ng Car? :-)

  3. @Recthe: pila na man imong mga anak diay oi... na akoa kay mag 4 mons nga gwaps karong june 6 puhon, natawo atong feb.6 normal ko...mao lagi nakaliwat na jud ko ani.. hahaha

    @yen: For now wala pa, got other priority anjan pa naman ang car ni hubby eh...borrow lang in case i have appointments to go..

  4. 2 na ako anak nov,puro lalaki wla koy swerte sa babae hehehe,1 year og 1 months na ang youngest..

  5. nice info, i like it..n good luck

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  6. may he get his car, amen


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