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Yellow Tulips

Ahhh... Summer is soon be here, watching flowers to bloom from Spring up to Fall is such an amazing thing to do. We have plants planted in our backyard and this one is the yellow tulip. I have posted here the red tulip that we have in our front porch. This one right here is the one from the backyard. I was really happy to see that the flowers were soon to bloom. I want to make sure that I have capture the bulb before it opens. 

It would also be nice to sit on Round Dining Table with our chairs in the backyard while enjoying the green environment we have. That is really one of the furniture I would love to have. That way during holidays or rest day we could just hang outside the house enjoy the nice weather and sit on a comfortable furniture. Eat outside the house have a cold glass or two. That's how I want to imagine our Summer will be this year.

I also have to make sure that since our family is growing I would like to purchase a nice Dining Room Furniture that would fits the three or four of us. And not to mention a nice China Cabinets that would fits my kids clothes nor our clothes and put it by seasons. Oh, I can't wait for it.


  1. i love to have table outside too overlooking the flowers in the garden but i have no garden.

  2. do that soon sis...


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