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yellow plant plus perfume makes it great

Flowers, flowers they are just so pretty that I can't resist of taking pictures of every single of them in our backyard. I also love to smell them because they are just purely natural smell. It makes you feel good when you smell some kind of nice fragrance. Just like having a perfume in the backyard. This time it is something natural and comes from the flowers around us.

Speaking of perfumes, I love collecting perfumes especially when it is cheap perfumes that I can afford to buy online or in the store. Who does not like buying affordable nice smell perfume? I would go crazy collecting different perfume and even buy them and give it as a gift. 

For some reason my husband is way too opposite than me. He would rather go with natural, but that's what mostly man are.  Fortunately, I am a  female I could enjoy the nice fragrance of the smell of perfume. If you would like I know a website where you can check and buy Cheap perfumes just visit


  1. i will need perfumes as mine are getting consumed soon. thanks for this site

  2. @imelda: any time you can drop by and get more hint...

    @Gen: thanks for the visit..


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