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8th Package from my Family and thinking about Used Cars

This is the 8th package that I received from my family in Philippines. Some were Christmas gifts others were something that I asked from them to send me. I know, I can buy those seasonings here but since we are hours and hours away from the Asian store and since they are sending me some stuff from Philippines. I decided to include those favorite seasonings to sent to me too. And I am loving them all because they will ship it to me and it only takes 2 weeks the least for me to held them all in my arms. I was super excited to see what they sent me and I'll cherish it too. 

I felt bad because my box that I send to them via a cargo hasn't arrived yet. I was told that it will take 2 months before they got it. I have been checking the tracking online yet the box never leave US still. How long will it freakin' stay in that office? I lost hope and I want it to be at my family's property now. But I guess I have to wait until they will deliver it.

However, I have to make sure that I have to less spend my money that way. Whenever I have the chance to see a used car. I have seen in television about . I love to have a car that has a nice manufacturer and hopefully to get one from a Ford Direct. I wish to have one before this year ends too. Since, I have a husband, I'm sure he will be there beside me when purchasing used car for me to use in the future.

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  1. Ford is a dependable manufacturer. u can have one if u just decide for it, it will affect your budget though


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