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Yellow Tulip plus a nice games online

I think I have posted here the bulb of this amazing Yellow Tulip in our backyard. I was so excited to see that it is finally bloom. I love it and this was the 3rd to bloom. So happy that finally all the flowers we planted last year has finally grown.

I was thinking to plant more flowers this year and fruits and veggies too in our backyard. So that by Fall I can harvest the fruit of my labor.

Still thinking what kind though, and hopefully that it will grow good and continues in the next year. 

Then I will enjoy the wonderful backyard because i put such work in it. Sitting in our nice chair and table with my son beside me. Enjoying the breeze of the air, while looking at the clear sky. Also if the connection in my wifi will reach that pace. I can take my laptop too while surfing or even poptropica. It is a website that you can find tons of games if you have nothing to do. If you are bored of reading and would like to entertain yourself with games.


  1. Hi Friend Nova! was here..May I have your Favor please, kindly change my URL Thata's Daily Blog new URL please.....

  2. Brilliant yellow Tulips!

  3. Ate I noticed you love flowers, so sweet. And happy new package, natuwa ako sayo sa mga seasonings. haha, Mis mo na pinas no'

  4. wow wonderful tulips u have here sis. very nice of u to grow of them


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