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Pink/Black Tulip

I do hope that you all are not sick and tired of watching flowers entry here. It is just I do love them and I am amazed by the nature. Since I have the opportunity to share and take pictures of them as much as I can I would love to share them all here too. This one is a pink tulips they were at least 6-8 stalks in our backyards. 

Last year, I haven't seen them grown that's why I was really fascinated when I see them this year. They were all bended and grow unproportionally because they were not been taken cared off. It is also too late to straight them now that the flowers were already bloom. It is really obvious that I am obsess with mother nature. Who knows what would be my next entry be.
However, if I would like to shift my attention into something shiny and also made by its nature. I could have do I could start buy gold coins as investment with my money. I know where to get reliable company who produce gold coins. I mean, I can either collect them, or invest them also I could melt them down and turn into a jewelry.


  1. you have yello and now red tulips sis. when i was in new york i was going gaga over those tulips, too. we did a super pose with the tulips as background pics. i love this flower,

  2. Hello! how are you friend? just doing my rounds.

  3. @imelda: UU sis i love them jud... super nice... hope next year magkatay sya ug magdaghan na jud sa among backyard...

    @Rosabelmoreno: Hello thank you for the visit my friend...we are okay hope things are the same with you and ur family too


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