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Homemade Champorado

Lately, I have the appetite to make a Filipino dish. I miss home and this is the time that I can eat and be like my hometown.

And when things like this, I ate our own dish and sit in the living room watching television. It makes me feel like home and reminds me of my family that I truly misses so much.

I remember how goofy they are, the things they love to do the most. Especially when it comes to my mother. When she comes home from another place she has all this gold jewelry which is her investment. I might want to share it to her that she can also buy gold coins. I can help her to do that now that I am here. 

I can't wait to tell her about it. And this food here, I ate it all and yes it is I who just enjoy this food. Too bad for my hubby, he misses the good food we have.


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  2. Thanks for the visit Tey, its been a while to hear from you


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