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Purchased online

This is the items I purchased from an online Filipino Store. They are cheap and has the same price when you go and buy it in the asian store. I have bought everything I needed from the ingredients to the snacks that I certainly miss back home. At least having this at home and eating them once a while makes me feel at home. And I could say oh, I don't really misses everything especially when it comes to food at home. 

I was thinking of making a business online too. But how can I advertise it to others that way they would know that I sell this kind of things? I guess I need a  business cards, I can make business cards and includes there what kind of business I have and what I can do too. Did I mention that I do nails too? Yes, and extra income because I don't want to rely on my husband's money. I don't want to ask money at him at all. Also, I can make a postcard printing and sell them too.

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