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He doesn't like Durian he might need a lawyer

That's what my husband's reaction when I gave him just one piece of Durian candy. I told him to hold his breath or hold his nose so he could not smell the odor [which I don't think it is really bad at all]. His term is that kind of smell this fruit has is somewhat like a rotten socks. I told him that you are exaggerating everything, he's response is NO I am just telling you the truth and what I smelt.

I teased him that I can call an Austin Injury Lawyer because he might need some help. For he told me that I am forcing him to eat something that isn't should be put in mouth. I like it when I have the knowledge to share with my husband regarding this kind of things. He was even more amazed that I know what to do. Good thing we have internet to access online, that way we have ways of learning new things.


  1. I have eaten Durian candy before from the Philippines. It doesn't smell that bad and it's really delicious! :)

  2. i love durian. its my favorite among all fruits

  3. hahaha, ang cute ng picture ng hubby mo te. give him more durian. hehe

  4. Thank you friends, I love Durian Fruit too.. unfortunately no matter how persistent I am to my husband he still don't like to eat it even candy... he says the smell is still

  5. hehehe.. wla jud diay nadala si DH sa pagpa-eat nmo og durian sis.. heheh.. sus kelangan diay jud unta og lawyer.. *wink*

  6. haha! nalingaw ko tanaw sa imo bana, novs. ngano kaha ang ubang tawo bahuan sa durian no? strong iya smell pero dili man baho diba. ah basta kay lami siya. hehe!


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