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Done for now!

I want to keep up with blog hopping as much as I can with the bloggers list I have on this page. I decided to clean and check the blogs who are active or inactive, and even those blogs who don't have my link. I want things to be fair, so if I don't see my blog's link in your page I do apologize but I've got to get rid of yours too.

I'm enthusiast of the cleaning because I never imagine how many blog links I have that were no longer functioning. And I guess it is about time for me to get rid of them. I am done almost half of them for now. Hopefully when I have another vacant time, I will be able to clean the rest of the list in order to have an updated one.


  1. Thanks for the visit Nov. Panagsa lang sad ko mag blog kong naay suwatonon sa pay u. Busy kaayo intawon. I hope you guys are well and the baby.

  2. nyahahaha, me too I made some house cleaning a few months ago, siguro will do it again. Dami na rin kc inactive eh, sayang link. :)

  3. Hi Nova! I'd like my link in your list if it not too much to ask -:)

    Have a nice day!


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