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New Toy

This is what I got this year. This is the new toy I finally got after waiting for our tax refund. I know its been a month now since I have this lappy and I only got the chance to share it here because it is way back on my list to publish here.

This is Dell and has a window 7 OS that has an i3 processor and 320GB and more. I love the computer specs and it satisfies my needs and the capacity I want for my toy.

I'm still in the process of buying more accessories such as the cable to the television, the case/bag and more. 


  1. wow this makes u active now in blogging, mare. happy u got what u long wanted to have

  2. @imelda: yup sis, but since i have my son he is still more important than anything else... i haven't blog hop as often but i'm doing my best

  3. Hi, Nov. Nabasa nko imong comment. Oo taga-gensan kaau kng daku. NDDU ko grad unya nag-work sad ko sa IBED. Hala oi, abe nko kabalo n ka nga taga-Gensan ko hehe

    Have a good night!

  4. good for u, novs. naa na ka new toy. ako, wa pa jud. hehe. puhon...

    thanks for the visit. ingatz.:)

  5. Hi Novs, here pod ko hapit, akoa dell pod, ok baya sya Novs, napalit nako ni sa online kadtong diha pami, nagarasan gani pag byahi namo diri lagot kaayo...


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