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New handbag no more....

This was the cool handbag that I own a month ago. I was super excited to hold and use it. That's why when I finally held it. I used it the very first time when we went to the county fair.

Since, I don't go out often. I seldom used this bag. I put my things as well as my son's diapers, milk and important things to bring whenever we go to the mall.

Then, after a month of having this handbag. I noticed on our way to the bank that that handle whole is ripped. There is a metal in it but that circle metal loosen and now I can't use it because if I will it will ripped all the way. I am sending it to my family in Philippines instead, because we know that there are more people who fix this kind of things and brought it back to normal.

For me, I can't return the bag for it was told that it was already a month. I can't do nothing but to accept the fact that I might be needing a newer one. This time I have to make sure that it won't be made by some kind of cheap materials.


  1. Aaaw... that is why its wiser to invest on bags that are branded or good and sturdy materials. Based on my experience too...haha!

  2. oh yeah.. i won't spend any single penny on something that isn't worth it...


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