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First Kiss Concert!

I have to admit that I have never known this Rock Band really exist, until I met my husband 4 years ago. He told me of how passionate he was and is to this band. I wasn't and I really don't care at all because I was before into a pop music. I was more focused to our long distance relationship and how will this be working.

My husband kept mentioning of how amazing this band is and he never stops. It gets worse for me when I moved in US to be with him. I live with this Kiss collection every single day. He has this massive collections to this Kiss stuff. And on my previous journals I even posted some of the collections he displayed in our house.

Until this day has come that I am  going to witness of how good this Rock and Roll Kiss band. They started the group even before I was born. Old huh! Yes! Yet today, is the day that I'll be joining my husband to his passion to the music of this group. And I tell you inspite that they were the most loud concert I've been into? I have fun with the music, fireworks and be with my partner.

While the concert was going on. They feature and honored to help those wounded soldiers we have in Iraq or in other country to help other people have their freedom back. They even sing Beth song after the donation was made. They recited the pledge of America. I do salute the brave men and women who will going to give themselves to serve the country. So if you would like to join and serve the country. There's a lot of details on how to just visit online military degrees. I do hope it'll help not only the country but yourself too.


  1. there is a saying if u can't beat him, join them. now i guess u will be a fanatic of KISS too. i have heard about KISS from my online friend too from texas. they sure rock!

  2. @Imelda: UU sis they Rock jud! I never thought i wouldn't like them until hubby convince and bring me to their concert on that center. I like it inspite of the fact that I almost got deaf after the concert...


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