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Darien Lake Park

After a month that my husband ordered his Kiss concert ticket. The day has finally arrived that we got to see the countries hottest band. But before the main event of the day. We decided to have fun first to the rides that Darien Lake offered to each visitors. 

Since we have the tickets, the pass for this amusement park is also FREE. The rides are free but not the foods. After an hour of travel, we finally arrived to our destination. I was really excited to see the amusement rides. Listen to the screams of the people. Since it was also Friday, it was not so busy for us to get into the rides that we like to ride. 


It only took us an hour and half to amuse ourselves here before we decided to head to our next destination the concert. But that is another story to share. For now enjoy the pictures I took from the park. 

We will definitely going back some other time, just to enjoy the whole day at that park.


  1. wow Nova, it loks so much fun to be on the park.. Thanks for sharing and have a great day to you
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  2. wow u sure needed that break sis. hope u had a great time in there as im sure u had. ty for sharing the pics

  3. @Tey: thanks for the visit...

    @Imelda: surely I was jud... and we are coming back again...


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