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out of town

Hubby planned of an out of town due to a concert that he wants to see next month. Where will it be? In Ohio, I know it'll be 3 hours drive through there but I don't care. I am not driving and I want to see other States too beside PA.

It might be a  good idea for us to roam around while waiting for the KISS Concert. I have already seen them first time ever and I never thought that I will not gonna like it. It was pretty loud. A rock and roll band and they are more louder then ACDC Band. I thought I'm going to be deaf from the other side of my earn while in the concert.

What about the baby? Grandma or Aunties will be taking care of him. I felt bad all the time especially when I left him and me going somewhere. If only we can take him to the concert. But he is just a baby. He might not understand that loud noise and will end up crying there. I don't want to distract others who is in there to enjoy.

Will see about that then, since it'll be still 3 more weeks before the said concert.


  1. Anonymous1:15 PM

    hello nova how are you?

    More power

  2. Enjoy the concert Mommy Nova! Buti ka pa may malapit na kamag-anak to babysit...kami wala. They're all out of state.

    Thanks for the visit and the anniv greeting.

    Happy weekend!

    Mommy J

  3. that's cool!

    i don't think they will allow a baby inside the arena or stadium too for safety purposes.

    enjoy, novs!

  4. wow good for u but spare chaos mads from the noise pollution in there and the risk it poses in bringing a baby inside.

    btw, i have already added ur link in my new wp site. i hope u cud add and visit me back too.

  5. hello sis how r u? tagal ko d naka visit.. namis ko 2loy nasa PI pa tayo then we're chatting... how's ur baby?

  6. @Rich: I'm doing great.. thank you very much..

    @Juliana: Sometimes we took the advantage to amuse ourselves once in awhile, they offered to watch their first nephew/grandson so I'm glad to hear from them too.. para naman masanay si bebe...

    @Lynn: True, don't want to take a risky decision ending up of regrets..and its way to loud he might not understand what's going on...

    @Imelda: Awesome, not to worry for I will do update my link here...

    @Jhona: I don't blame you sis, i know life here in US is way too you know what i mean, kasi kahit busy tayo sa pinas we have so many relatives to help us, dito tayo2 mismo... we are doing great and my son is growing so fast....


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