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Chicken Soup

This is the kind of soup my husband makes. I love it when he make this because I can eat at least two bowl. I love the chicken, corn, some pasta and the green beans he added in it. 

He occasionally made this one too. He'll make this only if I asked him too. Gladly he will even sometimes he is tried from work. Although, we have the recipe but I would prefer that he make it for me. I can't wait our son will be able to eat the soup that his Dad make, and we all end up eating it joyfully. 


  1. Looks yummy... why dry na soup?

  2. Hello Nova. I like chicken soup, too but I make it because my boyfriend does not like it. I've just eaten a bowl of it last night while watching telly, right after dinner. :-D


  3. @Webbielady: It's not that dry there's no much water lang talaga that's why its kind looks like it...

    Maxi: Oh,, that's good thing to do... we ate this one too while watching telly...

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