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Friday Night!

After checking pasadena moving, I went to bed right away. Usually, me and hubby stays up late because on the next day will be weekend and nobody has to go to work. But not for me this Saturday. Since the parents of the kids that I'm babysitting are working too early. I have to make sure that by 7:30am I will be there too. Too early huh, what can I do? I'll probably sit there watch the younger daughter watch her favorite shows since she likes it the most. And for my father and son? It is their time to bond with each other. I might be home in the afternoon, and hopefully it won't rain. That way, I could walk another mile for another day of exercise. Nobody knows about the unpredictable weather we have here. All I can do is cross my finger and hope it won't rain. I don't care if its cold as long as there is sun that comes out. 

And for all of you who doesn't have anything to do? I wish you all a wonderful weekend with your family.


  1. Hi ate, happy weekend, its been age since I last comment here,tagal ko din di naka pag blog hop.

  2. Yen: uu nga eh, i wonder what happen to you...


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