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My older sister's birthday

Okay another member of my family celebrated her birthday today. I miss it again. Although she lived faraway from our hometown but still calling to greet her on her birthdate is way too different. Plus it is not expensive to stay late chatting with her. Unfortunately, right after she purchase her broadband their computer got viruses and there is no way or no sense of fixing it because it don't have the specification specific on the requirements of getting a broadband. In short, even if she use it it's way too slow. 

Anyways, in order to get a hold of her and greeted her on her celebration, I send her a text through the chikka website. Which they can get a text without any cost so to me too. She mentioned to her response that she'll have spaghetti and menudo and roasted chicken. Yum, oh I miss those foods. I was thinking of sending her a gift which is a large photo albums, so she can put all the pictures we sent to her.

To my sister Gladys, may you have many more birthdays to come. Love you and Miss you lots...God Bless.

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