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Sudden Loss

of my lappy internet access at home is pretty much weirdo. Why? because I used this last night it seems everything is okay. Until this morning, when I turned it on I saw the internet access icon showed that I don't have the access to the connection. So, in order to check what happened. I make sure that my software/ help button will do its job and check what happened and what was the main issue. 

What I did? Go and reset our router to make sure that it will get fix easily and it did. Now I am back to the hotspot and I'm enjoying it. Sometimes, things just mess with its own and there goes the human rescue to put it back.


  1. I've encounter that kind of weirdness too, I've reset the router and all but then it didn't work, so I called the provider and blow up fire on them, wahahah!

  2. Yen:hahahaha... nahh.. i can't call them and blame it to them since the other computer is working pretty fine... so that means its in my router and i purchase this router from other website... i got to do what i have to do and it's time for me to start learning about troubleshooting... natutulog na itong pinag aralan ko

  3. good to know it got fixed so quickly!


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