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Labor Day

What do we plan for that day? I have no clue. And since it will be our son's 7th month birthday, we might be staying home and I'll be able to make food. Or maybe do barbeque of well see. For now, we have nothing in mind yet. 

Others might be out of town to vacay. A three days no work would be a great getaway for a family to have. We might be visiting my grand mother in law. It's been a while since we last see her at her house. And I bet that she'll be delightful to see her great grandson who is carrying their last name.

To you all, I wish you a happy labor day. 


  1. Yeah I heard no work on mOnday because its Americas holiday. Thats why American call centers here are off on Monday. saya naman!

  2. @Yen: Oh i thought you were working at some clerical Yen.. hehehe anu ba ito nalito na tuloy ako.. uu nga labor day dito.. nice


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