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Mi Famila

Sounds Spanish? I just think that since I've been talking English here pretty often, I guess trying other words we know won't hurt at all. So that's why I have the title that way. What's going on with us here? Since we are still on our Sunday night and it's all about family together, after our visit to my MIL's place had dinner together I finally decided to take pictures with my family. I mean there three of us. To tell you after the first pictures we have on the day my son was born, nothing follows to it. So tonight, I got to make sure that at least we have pictures before our son's 7 months old.

I took the camera I have ready in the living room. While our son is pretty wide awake after a long nap and as I was already taking pictures of him on the couch. I think might as well get pictures for the three of us. I do hope it'll comes out pretty good. 

I will prolly do that all the time. 

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