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What's our future gonna be?

It is not as clear as I used to take pictures, it's because I took this from the original cover. We haven't used it until the other day when we got invited to a barbeque from one of my husband's friend. We didn't know if that gathering has got to do with his friends mom. They had this small farewell barbeque for she's going back to Arizona.

The said barbeque didn't last that long and we are by ourselves. We sit for awhile with this comfy chair it is really nice. 

We were talking just randomly until we came to the point of talking about what would be best for our kids in the future. We have amazing chats and plans. After checking out CAT 2011. 

We discuss what will be our future someday, also what would be the BEST investment we will choose to have. Something that will never be rotten, the value will raise and you can take it with you or put it in a safe place such as a bank. You can also give it to your kids that way they have use it for their needs in the future. This kind of investment is such a brilliant idea. What about you? Do you have anything plan for your future to invest your money with? I'm sure you do.

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