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My Redbell Pepper

Check that out my plant. Red Bell Pepper here for a single big piece is way too expensive. It also gets higher during winter time. So, I said to myself why do I keep buying this kind of spices where in fact I can grow one on my own that way I could save money.

So, after the last one I bought from the store I took the seeds out and dried them too. And took a pot out and dig a soil from our backyard. I want to one that is from our ground because it has more nutrients that the one we buy at the store. I first put it in a smaller pot, until it grow bigger and I want to make sure that all of them have the space to grow. So I took a bigger pot and put them together there. It's now taller than before and I can't wait for this to bare fruits.

Although, I don't really eat them but I used them for seasoning. I love the smell of the food I make especially if there's a red bell pepper in it.


  1. nice idea, you will surely save some bucks when they start bearing fruits

  2. @Prettymom: true, pero i make sure that i have enough space where to put them during winter.. kay among balay mura nag lasang tungod sa mga tanum nga among

  3. what an ingenious way to plant vegetable. surely, when they start bearing fruits, you'll reap what you sow:)

  4. same me before Novs, nag plant ko pepper ug tomatoes sa empty kitty litter box, pag winter ako gisulod sa balay... naka harvest ko bah...try it


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