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Checking out for Ringtones

One of my bff's sent me a funny ringtone. It is in our native dialect and it makes us both laughed each time we played the ringtone. Good that she sent me this stuff because my phone can only do so much. It is not android and I don't have the unlimited access of 3G. 

I told myself, that aside from the ringtones she sent me, why not search for a free one online too. For a change to my old ringtones. While searching who can give me the free website. I came across to biker singles. It makes me think of my cousins who keeps asking me if I have someone from here to introduce to them. It is really hard in my part to just give them some random guys, whom you have no clue about their background. 

Good thing for me, I could just refer this website to them. They can surf from their homes and it is them who compromise with the person. Lucky for me I found them today. That way the next time they'll ask me again I could give the website instead.

And for the ringtone search, I never ended there. I keep searching and sharing with my friend. It just makes me day.


  1. That's cool! You have some instant site to refer to them for ringtones.

    Nice new blog layout Novs! Lov'it!

  2. Thanks rogue, i will find that site and give it to you...

    uu i love the layout too...


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