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Medical Field?

I have this ambition when I was a little girl, that someday when I have given the chance what will I be in the future is to be a doctor. I know, it is a big responsibility but I love helping sick people and challenge to find cure for their illness. Being involved in a medical field is not as easy as we think it will be. All those people who wear  white uniform has to make sure that they carry their responsibilities to the patient. All these dreams were washed out when my older brother decided to get married.

Why is he involved with my ambition? Because he will help my parents finance my studies in medicine. But, maybe God has a better plan for me. And never regret of what I have and where I am now. Still lucky, that I have an amazing husband and a wonderful son. 

Being into those scrubs clothing? I might be someday, it doesn't mean that just because we got married and have kids we can't pursue the dreams we dream. I do hope to find this scrubs clothing someday too. I can't start it yet for the reason that I must study the field of medicine before I get closer and deeper into these medical supplies.

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