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Boiled plantain banana

Is one of the fruit that I love to munch. I really thought that when I migrate here in US and living with my immediate family will definitely change my life. There are things that change, but I don't want my taste in food also change. I was craving for so many food way back in my hometown. But I guess I was just too lucky to met another Filipina and where in fact I babysit her kids. 

She taught me everything here, especially on how to make Pinoy foods from  the ingredients that I can get here. Others will be alternative but it is not pretty bad. There is 98% similarity and I told myself it is better that way then never at all.

What will be the next? Maybe a face lifts hawaii? I am not sure about it since I don't need it one now. 


  1. Hi!

    I miss pinoy foods! but there are lots of filipino food and products here in Canada.

    One I truly miss is lanzones. They have it here in Chinese stores but it's expensive. $5 for a pound! Back home I can it a kilo of it.

    There's atis, balimbing, tuyo, at marami pang iba...

    Have a good day!

  2. ansel: you are one lucky girl, my area now we don't have that much stuff so we have to go to another place just to buy more of a choice...

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