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And so it was graced....

I never thought that one day this blog will be graced. I give up everything when after years and years that the pagerank never came back. I don't blame it too for I got busy and things were just not the same as before I started the blog. So, after having its last year of pagerank I tried to work its traffic. But then again, it never work for I have more priorities in life to attend to. 

Just today while accepting new task. I never thought that it will be for this page. I really hope that it won't go away. For I have noticed and checked that my Angels in my Life website lost its rank after I checked it. At least my other blog Spices of Life has it's own rank too. 

I was just overwhelmed to the fact that we never have to lose hope especially when we are still alive. For there are so many things that will surprise us in the future. Because of that, I checked conservatory blinds uk right away hoping that soon we will replace our blinds like this in the future. Or if not, maybe into our next house.

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