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Consecutive Holidays

November came and here goes the consecutive holidays. We catholics to pay respect of this 2 consecutive holidays. November 1st is the All Saints day while November 2 is the All Souls days. These are the days that we get busy and spend time with our loved ones who passed away. 

I missed the way we celebrate this occasion in Philippines. Here in where I live now. It's much different. They do think about the holiday but nothing beats the celebration we have in Philippines. I do hope that someday, we can go home and celebrate this kind of occasion that way, our kids would experience the traditions Filipino has.

I miss my hometown.


  1. november 2 was not a holiday here in PI.

  2. november 2 was not a holiday here in PI.

  3. that's sucks...but mostly catholic schools are... i used to work to a catholic school and they are always holiday...

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