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Better than Nothing...

I have waited for quite a long time for a post paid to be done. But for some reason I am very much picky on what to get and how much it cost. For someone that has a pagerank own domain like mine, I don't blame them for the standard that they have for their blogs/website. So, I have to be very careful of choosing what will be a nice post and relevant to my page. But it's been a week now and this kind of standard is pretty much frustrating. I need to earn extra income aside from the babysitting I am doing. For Holidays is fast approaching. So, I told myself to set the website standard for now but still the relevant post in my page will remain. I guess, I was lucky today that I got at least worth for blogging for. 

Moreover, I also mentioned to my partner/hubby that we should be paying off our debt before going to a trip or vacation. I can't wait to go and see my family back in Philippines. That's why we are checking out about this debt management online. I really hope that it will give us a good managing when paying off our debts. 


  1. Anonymous10:30 PM

    Sisss, thank you for the visit. OO I really wanted to take a PH class hopefully I will this spring.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I'll keep visiting you na sis kasi i followed your blog...thanks too...

    happy thanksgiving...


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