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I tried but never like it...

I'm talking about the Sushi Rolls that I made. I remember before one of my BFF has this seaweeds and she loves it so she gave me one to just eat the plain seaweed. I never thought I never like it because I ate just anything except for the green leafy veggies. But to my dismay I never like it at all. No matter how much I tried and tried never came to my taste bud that I will be liking it. It has this texture that I really don't like at all. 

Now, I'm here in US and my sister in laws were kinda love the sushi and I was asked one night if I love them. I said yes, never thought that the texture that I never like before will be gone. So, I purchased bamboo mat to help me roll the Sushi. I was pretty much excited because for a first timer like me the outcome wasn't bad. Just need a little bit of tightening. Then I took one and took a bite the minute that I put the sushi in my mouth the unforgettable texture came back. I could not longer continue chewing to swallow so I end up spitting it out. 

I made two rolls and cut them. Good thing my hubby loves it. He ate 2 out of ten pieces I made. At least the seaweeds and the bamboo mat that I bought will not gonna go to waste, for I'll share it with my sister in law who loves to eat Sushi. 

Anyways, after checking online on how to make Sushi Rolls I better start looking for a nutrition medicine to take for our everyday life. So far I have found Herbalife which pretty much had all the ingredients that everyone needs.  


  1. its ok2 try and try :)

  2. i don't know if there will be another attempt sis. but like you said keep trying...

  3. i eat some once in a while.... once or twice a month...

  4. good for you...i tried but i couldn't take it....


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