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The BEST Birthday Gift Ever!!!

As mentioned in the previous blogs about my late revealed of birthday present. I have now revealed the BEST gift ever I got from my birthday. I love to listen to music always. Since I don't have work for the meantime, I can't afford to buy CD's I can borrow them but I don't like to stock files and files of CDs in our home since my husband had already has his collection. Don't want to add into it or we will end up buried in Cds. 

Anyways, hubby asked me what I really want to my birthday. The first thing that came into my mind is to own one of this toy. I couldn't think of another so he end up getting this one for me. I was super excited when the mailing was way too fast than I expected. I was kinda late that I never got it on the day of my birthday, it's because it was purchased the day before my natal. But still I am loving it for I know it was on the way. 

When it arrived in the mail, I could not stop from smiling and explore. I can also browse from here using safari browser as long as I am connected into a WiFi. Then I went to check web design essex. I was amazed not only for I have a new toy but for a wonderful birthday gift ever!

Hubby's birthday gift to me.. Ipod Touch [2nd generation]
I shouldn't asked for the new version, but it was too late because I have already purchased this one.
Maybe on the next birthday... hehehe

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