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For the Weather Outside is Snowing

And all the trees and grass are packed of snows. Can you imagine that this will what you see everyday you go out from your house? Everything is white. As if the whole place turns into purity and no sin place. This is the first day that the late snow has finally fallen. This time it is not stopping. I took a good picture for another memorable collection in my scrapbook and to share it with you all here.

Everything here is just Brrrrr freezing cold. I need a vacation to a warm and tropical places. Somewhere I can find a good Hoseasons cornwall cottages to just relax with my family and enjoy the breeze and the ocean. A place where you can see colorful environment. Not here where all you see is white  from the top to the bottom of your house. No people outside because sometimes the weather gets really nasty and no want likes it.

So, here are some pictures below where I took from our window inside the house. I could not go out with my short-short pants... Until then...


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