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Daddy's being Silly

These are stolen shot pictures from my father and son. They have been playing goofing around in just anywhere in the house. I love watching both of them giggle and laugh. Ah the joy of having a family. 

Just have to make sure that the little one won't cry in the end after a long tiring joyful play with Daddy. As you can see that you can't see where is our son. One day my husband was doing some laundry and Chaos is everywhere. He put on the basket him. It was fine with him and he actually managed to get our from it. 

I guess, the pictures says everything. Just a memory for my father and son playtime. And I got to check about Booking Nicki Minaj so I could finalized everything. Oh not anytime soon though but a plan is a good beginning. 


  1. hahaha so cute! its nice being silly sometimes. :)

    Musta na sis? :)

  2. Eds: hello girl, its been a long time.. uu para hindi naman always serious ang life...

    we are all fine... how about you? thanks for the visit...


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