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My Sushi Rolls

There you go. In spite the fact that I never like the texture of a Sushi Rolls I still end up making some with different flavor in it so I can try it again. Okay at first I was really really excited to try one in my mouth. When I had a bite this awful texture inside my mouth due to the seaweed is not a pleasant taste for me. Even the smell, I could not take it. So still I munched, hoping that it will just be gone with the help of the flavor. Nevertheless, nothing has change. I tried my best to swallow but then again I could not.

And so I give up, but never throw everything in the trash for my partner do love to eat them. I asked him how can you eat something like this yet, you can't dare to eat Durian Fruit. Knowing that it is a real fruit the is from a tree. The smell isn't as bad as the seaweed. He exclaims that Sushi Rolls isn't bad at all Durian is. Or maybe people just have different taste buds. You can't force someone who don't like certain foods and yet they love something that is weird for you.

For now I will just continue checking this nice apartments in london for someday my friend will be there and hope that they are close to this apartments so we can just stay there while visiting London.

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