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Get Insured

I have a fellow Filipina here that I haven't meet yet. Although, we exchange text message and chat on Facebook that is the only way we update each other. She sometimes called me but I would prefer an exchange of text message because my son wants to interfere whenever I starts talking over the phone.  I am glad that I know another Filipina and to know that fact that she's from Davao City two hours and a half land travel from my town.

One afternoon, she text me that her hubby had a heart attack. I was worried and knowing that Christmas is fast approaching they will not be spending it at home. He is not okay, but still in the ICU. Doctors won't let him go and has to be there for 4-5 days. Meaning they will be spending Christmas in the Hospital. Plus no watcher? That really sucks. 

She mentioned to me that her husband don't have a medical insurance. How can they pay the hospital bill? I guess I have to find out more. It is really better to have a medical insurance because we don't know what waits ahead.

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