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Pork Caldereta and making money

I came to think of making some different meal for my husband. He told me many times that I only make the same 4 Filipino dishes since I got here. So here I am, making a different one. He loved it except for the fact that he don't like me putting red bell pepper because he don't eat them. So am I . I don't but that's what makes the whole dish good. 

Now that I know he love it, this will be an additional meal I am making for my family. I wish I could make this a business. Cooking and distributing to those who would like to buy some. Nevertheless, we shall see.

Also I found this very interesting fact about Millionaire Society. This is a link where you can get more ideas on how to be come a millionaire. Of course it is also how you deal your business. I will also check it who knows this ideas might be my way to be one of the Millionaire.

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