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A perfect sink in my new Kitchen...

Another thing that I love the most is eating Pancit it is basically a Rice Noodles that you cook with some meat and carrots and some beans.

Hubby isn't not so fun about this but at least he tries once in a while. Me and my son so far love this dish. I want to make sure that I master this that way I don't need to look on my cheat sheet every time I make this dish. 

Although we don't have a big sink. I might be needing one sometime soon. I can't wait to move to a new home a bigger one and hopefully we will also have a bigger kitchen. I can also customized if just in case we have extra money. I better start checking Undermount Kitchen Sinks. They have plenty of variety and I can't wait to got one just like what they have. I can't wait to put it on my next Christmas Wishlist to have a new Undermount Kitchen Sink. 

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