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Happy Birthday Papa...

Last 29th was my Papa's birthday. I finally got a hold of him when I text-ed my brother to call me that day. Well, technically it is their 29th and it's the 28th still in here. I would prefer to call morning there where everyone is not busy with their visitors and the occasion. We talked for awhile and never lasted long because my brother's connection was loss. They have a wireless connection that sometimes don't have reception especially if you don't know where is the right spot. I really hope that the will be able to fix that issue, or get a dsl instead. I think they are worth to pay for. 

Anyways with having a quick chat with my father through the computer I asked him about his health and his operation. He got an operation on his eyes to make sure he can see better and clearer this time. Good thing they have lasik operation now in their place. Because if not I can totally recommend Thierry Hufnagel here in US.

Nevertheless, everything is normal and everyone is busy and happy. Can't wait to be there pretty soon. And to my FATHER. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MORE TO COME, MORE BLESSINGS AND GOOD HEALTH WITH US ALL.

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