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From outside

Right after the first snow fall in this place it never stops falling since that day. Until it reaches of what you sees in the picture below. I love it first because it makes me feel the atmosphere of December or Christmas here. One totally white Christmas. Snows were just everywhere and it gets higher and higher and the plow man keeps plowing it in our driveway. I just can't stay inside and now shovel our driveway. I need to make sure that when my husband gets home from work he can get in our drive way and not get stock.

Also during this year of season car accidents are prune. That is why it is very advisable to all to be very careful when you are driving on the road. Because if it is not you who have problem it will others who are reckless in driving. 

Hospitals were probably busy by this time during this seasons because of this accidents. Also we would known this nurses through their nursing uniforms. Sometimes I am curious where they have their medical scrubs and uniforms from? Where they bought them because it looks so nice and comfortable. Even though there are so many patients in the ER when this nurses wore their nursing scrub uniforms it eases you their. 

So, to all we better be careful in order to prevent accident and jeopardize our health. 

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