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Wedding Dresses

Even though we got married in a city hall court room. I will would like to wear one of those white Wedding Dresses. I love to experience and have them added in my memory how it feels like to wear Wedding Dresses and being blessed by a priest in a church. Aside from the fact of being practicality, I would like to see my family walk on that aisle towards my husband. 

We were planning to have this on our 5 years of marriage, maybe a good idea because it will be a renewal to your vows. And this time a blessing from a priest in the eyes of my parents and God with my whole family behind us. So, better save money for that incoming event. I am pretty sure that there will be so much work for that year of preparation. Picking out the best wedding dresses might takes a lot of time. Take note, not just for me but also for my secondary sponsors and those who are in the entourage. 

Thank goodness, and good news for me because I can start inquiring this online. The comfort of our home while watching my son and babysitting my friend's kids. 

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