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Never been the same

The Christmas in Philippines compare when you celebrate it outside that country. Unfortunately for me, every time it will be Christmas I have to experience and celebrate it this way. I miss the kind of celebration we have back in my hometown. And no matter what nothing has beat the celebrations we have there. I really miss and always would like to do it that way but if there is only me who is going to put effort in it I am not sure if it'll happen. I miss home especially my family on this very kind of holidays of the year. Of course aside from the celebration and family gatherings there are also foods that we make and I can't resist of not eating them. It really didn't bother me at all because I know how to lose them. If not you could or I could try to take HCG and yes this is a diet. HCG diet is a safe diet for everyone who would like to lose weight fast and quick. Lose all those fats that we gain due to a one year holidays festivity.

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