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What else to give?

I am clueless for my hubby's Christmas gift anymore. After all the wish list he gave me everything is all bought. Or I have pick some because they are just pretty the same. He kept mentioning to me this year that his back aches for random days and for no reasons. Went to his psychiatrist and all they said that he is perfectly fine. No broken bone or whatsoever. Probably some nerve string were pulled in his body because of the nature of job he has. I really want to help him get over that pain. But what should I do? I am no scientist nor doctor. While researching online I do find one that pretty much become an alternative to a medicine. It is called the ergonomic backpacks. This kind of backpacks helps your back health and backpack safety. This might be the answer to what he is been feeling. And I do too I don't want to see him suffer with that back aches.

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