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Can't wait for a new house...

When I move here, hubby got his own house. Although the mortgage is not paid off yet but at least we have not to worry about paying rent and thinking that it won't be ours someday. It may not take forever for the mortgage of this house be paid off and we can move to a bigger one. What will happen to the one we own right now? We will put it for an apartment rental. I even told him that why not just get home equity loan so we could start living in a bigger place since our family is starting to grow. However, I have to wait for there are other priorities in life that must  be prioritized. 


  1. Anonymous1:24 PM

    sis congrats, ang galing naman at least you can have your own home na

  2. so true, can't wait to be out of debt and earn more money...para makapaglibot kahit saan


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