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I need a Diet

That's what I have always told myself right after I give birth. To lose all the baby weights I have. But after giving birth I could not get a diet because I don't have someone to watch my son plus I was breastfeeding. I would rather lose less and healthy than lose more then I will end up in the hospital. That plan still didn't accomplish. I keep starting diet plans yet I end up quitting them. My family keeps telling me to make sure I eat right and set diets aside for awhile. I need to be healthy for my son. Now that he is almost one year old I think I really need to stick up with a diet plan that is fit to me. I want to research what is the best that I could still eat those yummy foods. Counting calories would be the best way to watch the food that I intake. So I was debating into myself about p90x vs insanity. Which one should be the best exercise for me while I am on my diet plan? I might as well check the reviews of each part to see or if not. I could try both and whichever loses more it will be the one that I will stick into. Good luck to me!


  1. good luck Novs... just eat the correct amount each meal time and you will achieve it.


  2. Thanks rogue, I do that now, i don't want that crashed diet anymore... hopefully i can control the amount of food that i intake...


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