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Take a closer look of a Snowflakes

After our dinner in one of the busy restaurant in our place last Friday Night. It never stops me from taking a quick pictures of this amazing snowflakes. It was a freezing cold that night and it was snowing. I can see the crystal clear snowflakes on our car and I just love to make sure I have taken at least one closer look/ pictures of this natures wonder. 

And since it was pretty cold outside and the only thing I got was my mobile phone. I cinched to take at least and see what will be the result. And here it is, the snowflakes is not as visible and closer as I thought however, you see that every single snowflakes is different. I love it. 

When it is still winter here, I could still feel that holidays isn't over. Although, hubby has to go back to work and so we are. Nevertheless, when you see those snows outside the houses you could still think it still holiday.  I would like to know about dog holidays. As far as I know, UK has one isn't the interesting to know? They celebrate or make a holiday intended for their puppets especially dogs. If you want to learn more about this interesting news go ahead and check it. 

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