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Too Much

Snows were everywhere as you go out from our humble home. Sometimes not just me but everyone is sick of this cold temperature. When will this gonna be end? Pretty soon mostly says. Winter is not over until 2-3 more months.

There are days that I would like to go visit Philippines for they have a tropical temperature that I truly miss for this 6 months winter. Or if not, we can take a break and enjoy Holiday Lodges in Cornwall. I think sometimes we need to jubilate for ourselves and have fun to a tropical weather. 

When? No plans yet however I do hope it will be soon.


  1. yeah, had the same feeling herelast christmas week... andnew year week..lucky now the tem has raised to 5 to ten deg


  2. so true.... January is mostly the coldest weather here... so i always hallucinates that we have a lot of money to just fly to PI for a vacation and escape this freezing breeze...


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