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I'm watching Sex in the City

To those who know what I am talking about it is not something that is pornographic. It is basically about four girl’s friendship to one another and how they handle life in the big City.

This is already a repeat TV series. I remember before when I was still in College that I have to wait for hours in HBO where they play this TV series and my parents were asking me what keeps me waiting to go to bed in every Wednesday night. I love it and how the friendship stands in every trial they have in life. It reminds me of my friendship to my other four girls’ way back High school.  

Anyhow, watch the TV series every night at E! News where it is play in our area. It is really nice series, I love it and I am sure you will too. One thing one of the girls I think had a Self Catering Accommodation business in that movie after struggling to have a baby with her partner. Better watch it and get pleasure from every series they play.

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  1. same here with me nov..i love watching that show and infact, i bought the sex in the city dvd..I'm also watching the Gilmore Girls..I bought the whole season of it...


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